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Dear Customers,

 For the upcoming school year of 2019-2020, students of the "Enseignement secondaire classique", "Enseignement secondaire général" and "Formation professionnelle" are offered their obligatory schoolbooks for free. 

The students themselves have to choose their required books on the free app (available for PC, Tablet and Smartphone)
For more information, please visite
With your personalized code from the App, you can order or reserve your schoolbooks on our homepage, You can choose between the pick-up option at one of our stores or a delivery at home.

For the order please follow the link "Mandatory Schoolbooks" and the instructions given on the site. 
You’ll have to check out the free schoolbooks order before being able to order the charged ones on our homepage. 
For the books that are not mandatory please use this link with "Not Mandatory Schoolbooks" .

For any further questions please contact us contact 

Mandatory Schoolbooks (paid by ministry) Not Mandatory Schoolbooks

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